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Cardon Estate Sales & Appraisals

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Mission Statement

Cardon Estate Sales believes people deserve to be treated with respect that and estate sale company needs operate with high integrity and compassion to make life transitions easier. Our professionalism and effectiveness will result in a remarkable experience for the buyer and seller alike.


About - Who We Are

Cardon Estate Sale is a local, family run estate sale company. We have an estate sale business because we believe in what we do. We believe in Work That Matters. With every sale that we take on, we get to serve a family going through a major life transition. Through our work, we make at least one aspect of their transition easier. We care. Our team is a group of hand-picked persons. Everyday we get to show up for work and make someone else’s life a little easier.



Cardon Estate Sales provides a high level of engaging, personal service to our clients and customers though neat, uniform appearance, knowledgeable team members, and clean, organized estate sales.



Cardon Estate Sales works to balance all the elements of marketing, service, innovation, new technologies, and sale presentation to be the market leader in the estate sale industry.



Cardon Estate Sales is committed to serve our clients in an understanding and supportive way in the midst of challenging life transitions.



Cardon Estate Sales strives to put our client’s interest above those of the company; doing what is right even when no one is looking.



Cardon Estate Sales believes in treating others as you want to be treated.  This would include our clients, customers, and our team members.

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The whole story… We try harder”
“Your Professional Team”

  • “You are professional, do what u say & say what u mean. Totally trustworthy & a joy to work with.  Not only that, you showed a flexibility on moving the date back when needed, that others did not offer me.

    With us still living in the home, during the prep for the sale, u were very willing to adjust to my kitchen needs, based on my dietary restrictions.

    I can't offer u any improvement feedback, because this whole process was perfection in my book.

    Thank YOU, for all that you did!!!"

    Carla & Ivan Nemet.  Gulf Breeze, FL



    "Elodie was a Godsend to us.  We entrusted her with a very difficult task, and her knowledge and guidance were invaluable.  She is a delight to work with, as well."




      "Cardon Appraisals was asked to complete the Estate Sale with 2 weeks notice. They inventoried the estate on an accelerated basis. We were very pleased with the results. Particularly in light of a tight schedule."

    Roger Patterson

  • Personal note from Elodie

    "I love & understand the transition of the Greatest Generation & the Baby boomers. I know I will be there one day, sooner than later, and treat them the way I want to be treated. "



Bios - Elodie Cardon

Born & raised in France, Elodie has lived in the US for the past 18 years and his proud to be an American Citizen. Elodie was raised in the Antiques business, as her mother owned three stores in Lyon, France & was an expert in Residential Contents.

Elodie was a general manager, buyer, and assistant appraisal for Kofski Antiques, an high end retail shop & the most recognized Estate Sale Company in Palm Beach County for five consecutive years. 

Elodie became an Appraiser in 2001 with the International Society of Appraisers & keep up with her credentials & education. 

Elodie specializes in European & American Antiques & Art, living abroad and in the US for almost two decades. She has a lot of International & national contacts for resale.


Estate Sales

Our team handles every aspect of the in-home sale from start to finish. We organize all the contents of the house, price every item, advertise extensively, then host a very well attended estate sale. After the sale you receive a check for the proceeds and a completely cleaned out house.


We provide a full range of appraisals from one item to a full estate. These appraisals include insurance appraisals, IRS assets, divorce and estate division, donations, pre-move appraisals, and damage claims.


If you have a special item that should not be treated in an estate sale setting, we can assist you in selling in the best and highest use in a nationwide market.


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